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Our collection of games like My Candy Love offers the very best romance, otome and dating simulation games.My Candy Love is a dating and flirting game that is based on the Japanese dating simulation genre (otome).This unique world sees players in the middle of a dystopian future where birds have risen up as the dominant life forms ...Read More »With over 50,000 words of content, Analogue: A Hate Story offers up plenty of visual novel gameplay.Mc Coy's mission is to return the Thorned Emerald to its true home.If he fails, the curse will continue until he is a lifeless, stone cactu (Rating: 4.31) A thrill ride through the history of time.Should a Christian oppose gay (same-sex) marriage and partnerships? What does the Bible say about how people are brought to faith?

The majority of games on this page are free to play and available online or for popular mobile platforms (i OS & Android).Be careful because The Hedgehog King is watching you...(Rating: 4.21) After a hard-hitting blow from Alonzo our team is back on the hunt.Players are given a daily allowance of Action Points (AP) to explore the game world and money to purchase items.Players in My Candy Love also have to manage their morale to keep themselves socialising at their best.

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