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There is a real possibility that as the Green Party standard bearer, a Sanders/Stein Green Party ticket could very well win the presidency in view of Trumps self-destruct tendency and Clinton’s criminality.As an added benefit it would break up the two party monopoly.I sincerely hope Bernie pursues this option rather than getting his supporters all worked up over the Democratic platform.Fighting for planks on the national Democratic platform is a placebo –– comfort therapy.The freeze resolution was just an expression of the People’s will.It lacked the force of law, which is the generic flaw of most movements.

Unfortunately, even the women’s Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) movement failed to enact a constitutional amendment with a 52% demographic advantage.He could hang in there, as it currently appears, and press for changes in Democratic Party rules and in the party platform at the convention in Philadelphia.The latter is a futile exercise since convention platforms have little or no effect on policy decisions in Congress.: Assuming Bernie is intent on the presidency (I hope he is) and cannot persuade a sufficient number of super delegates to flip and secure the Democratic nomination (a fair assumption), he should join Jill Stein of the Green Party, who has already reached out to Bernie.For the People’s will to prevail, it must be enacted as law –– not mere protests or party platforms.Recent movements like Move On and Howard Dean’s Democracy for America have dissipated themselves over time and act as little more than lobbying efforts for good causes that never seem to get enacted into law.

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The House of Representatives passed the freeze resolution unanimously.

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