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But Sean Kelly is from Wellington, NZ, so it's nice to give a shoutout to a local boy.

Tim Gunn is always pretty candid -- about the Kardashians, fashion trends, how the fashion industry has let down women over size 12.

It was a breath of fresh air that dramatically contrasted with the main show melodrama.

On Saturday night, I—along with a group of friends—threw a fundraiser for The Trevor Project, an organization that helps LGBTQ youth in crisis situations.And her office called my office the next day and demanded a retraction.’‘She had two bodyguards who made a fireman’s lock, she sat in it, they whisked her down these stairs, and put her right in her car to get to another fashion show.Because this fashion show was in the fifth floor of the Metropolitan Pavilion, they had to move her fast.’Speaking about Vogue magazine, he said cryptically: ‘There is so much that happens at that unique publication that is so of another world and another planet, I’m happy to have a bad relationship with it because I wouldn’t want to have a good one.’It’s not the only time Tim has had a bad experience with Anna – he also recalled being on the same plane as her when a flight attendant tried to say hello, and was promptly told to ‘go away’ by her burly security guard.It was a big, loud, rowdy Brooklyn crowd—but when our co-host Tim Gunn grabbed the mic and started talking, you could hear a pin drop.He began to tell us about what he’d gone through as a gay teenager in the 1960s, and while the mentor has talked about having attempted suicide before—including in a moving “It Gets Better” video six years ago—this time he went deeper.

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That might be supporting bans on medical professionals performing "conversion therapy," the hateful practice which tells gay teens that they're in need of curing.

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