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published photos of Bill de Blasio’s chief spokeswoman, Lis Smith, inviting disgraced New York Governor and married man Eliot Spitzer into her Soho apartment.Here is Don’t underestimate Lis’ status as a hot and fit political insider.Since AVG Anti Virus Free is ad-supported, it offers third-party tools and makes changes to Web browsers.Features: Using AVG Anti Virus Free The installation package includes many components that are automatically installed by default.Be warm and approachable and smile now and then to let him know that you’re interested in talking to him.

My perceptions of people with prior drinking problems was all wrong.

Walk up to the guy and ask him if you could use his phone because your phone is dead.

Just to make your act seem more genuine, fumble with the back panel of your cell phone in a place where he can see you, a minute before you walk up to him.

And just as he turns around, appear startled and use this line.

Apologize to him for the misunderstanding, but continue to ask him for some help by using any of the other conversation starters here, be it some help with your bags or something else.

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