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The clock’s ticking now, so let’s begin with the obvious, a hurried Google search.

A quick look at the first slew of results reveals several competing uses of the word Waratah – it's also an Australian wildflower that is the state emblem of New South Wales, and the name of a township on the South Gippsland coast.

Leaving aside the vexed question of whether Mr Sawyer's subconscious was doing its darnedest to give him a good kick up the backside or there was something genuinely supernatural about his dreams, it's certainly true that nothing definite was heard from the Waratah after her departure from Durban.

She was seen by at least one other vessel, a smaller steamer called the Clan Mc Intyre, but despite the rising seas she appeared to be in no difficulty and pulled ahead.

It’s easy enough to filter these out by refining the search to “SS Waratah” or “Waratah” and "1909" or “disappeared”.

This leaves us with a pared down bunch of links including a Wikipedia article, a BBC History short, and some material posted by a South African who’s been searching for the lost ship off the coast.

Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide.

The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.

If that was all there was to the Waratah’s tale, it would be enough to make the story interesting – it’s surprisingly rare for a vessel of such size to vanish absolutely without trace.So I thought it might be an idea to step back and take a detailed look at ways of getting an entirely new project off the ground, exploiting all the sources that are available nowadays to someone trying to pin down a subject – perhaps one that’s not too well documented and that seems a challenge to research. OK, let’s pick a topic and see what we can do with it.Oh, and to inject a little bit of faux excitement in the project – just like on TV!But all tellers or the tale agree that as well as brandishing a sword, the mute figure that haunted Sawyer’s dreams was carrying a blood-soaked cloth that it thrust towards the engineer.Not surprisingly, Sawyer was considerably alarmed by his triple vision – so much so that, despite having a booking through to London, he left the ship at the first opportunity, cabling his wife: “Thought Waratah top heavy, landed Durban.” Soon afterwards, after the liner had departed and while Sawyer himself was waiting in port for another ship headed for London, he had another dream.

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