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I have 28 people in my "follow" list, and there used to be at least one, and often two or three on line at almost any time I logged in.

I've followed gay porn for a lot longer and it confirmed my observations that guys don't stay long in the business. There's this one straight dude who only cams at Cam4 maybe once in three months.And guys are competitive and like to show off when tipping. R159, I gather you mean 'wouldn't show anything' before.I think jd2424 was on chatubate before under another name - something like latouros. There's another thread on datalounge about the mug shots of good looking, young guys who have been arrested. At least that snowman-dude did a ticket wank show couple of days ago.And then they're like "You should set up a ticket show. Some viewers understand that if they can get money out of it then they should, and I understand completely why people were helping the new guy set up a ticket show.The attitude you have at R166 is the reason some greys are despised. If you don't want to pay then by all means don't, but don't start bitching about people not showing their cock to you for free if they don't want to.

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