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It is selected for the ceremony by the bride's maternal uncle (mamaji) and aunt (mamiji).It is given as a gift to the bride during the ceremony.(Photo | PTI)Now, not only the Punjabi brides but others also prefer to put on the Choorae in their wedding.The Choorae business is a huge success in the north.Mehndi is derived from flowering plants which are dried and powered.The bushes can be of any height stretching upto twenty feet.The price of the Choora varies from quality to the designs.In pic: A worker fixes an artificial diamond stud nag to a bangle.

The use of Mehndi at the Hindu Bharat matrimony is considered auspicious.

Mehndi is famously known for the phrase “haath pila karna” or simply translated, making hands yellow, a sign that the girl is getting married.

Mehndi (henna) is applied to the bride’s hands and feet, meaning she is going to get married.

The powdered leaves, which we call mehndi, is used for colouring various things, including hair, skin, leather, silk, wool, etc.

Water is simply added to the powder and the paste is used for drawing the designs.

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The Choora is worn by a newly wed punjabi bride (it is mandatory for them) on the day of her marriage.

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