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This event brings together sex educators from around the world to talk about one of ...

If you find yourself shrugging and saying “they just weren’t my type” after a breakup, it might be time to consider shifting your ideas about “type” altogether.

You don’t have to worry about nerves and steamy summer temps making pit stains in your new shirt, a...

We go to lots of different conferences and events, but one of our favorite trips each year is to the National Sex Ed Conference in Atlantic City.

I asked participants at a recent dating workshop about their rules and expectations regarding when to have sex with a new partner and received a range of responses: Read More We love sex. While the male anatomy is pretty straightforward, the female anatomy is quite a bit more complicated.

We love sex -- steamy, fun, passionate, joyful sex.As “experts,” we can collect data, confirm patterns ... You just need to get the information from the right source. It would be impossible to accurately describe the sexual desires of 3.7 billion women across the globe, but science has finally started to uncover the specifics of sexual desire for people of all genders. When you picture your golden years, what do you see?So happy you are reading this blog because I know you are where you need to be. Some of us imagine a crowded dining table filled with sisters, brothers, kids and grandkids all laughing and jostling for the last piece of cake. Imagine this: after an amazing dinner at a five star restaurant, you head back to his place. As the years pile up, so do the utility bills, the misinterpreted...How does an average guy like me become the number one lover-man in his particular postal district?” That’s the question John Cusak’s character poses in the cult-classic High Fidelity. Falling and love and staying in love are two very different things. Modern medicine can do some pretty amazing things, but a lot of trial and even more error helped us get there.

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