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What a great thing, you might think, that someone will actually want my body as it is instead of just putting up with it.After some thought, though, some concerns might arise. Based on myself and many messages and conversations that I’ve had with other devs, I’m putting some common questions here. Most are afraid of being considered creepy and scary and so don’t want to identify themselves.The plus side is that you never have to wonder if the things that come up because of your disability will be a turn-off or ruin a date. Also, every disability is different and every individual person is different.I have been on several dates with wheelchair users, but each one is different in whether he wants or needs help with certain things and different attitudes about how disability has played in his life.I feel comfortable in saying that devoteeism always starts as fantasy.

It’s just a type of physical attraction, but it doesn’t mean that we are more or less interested in sex than anyone else.

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My experience has been that for many people who have disabilities, finding out about devs is cool and exciting at first.

To me, not everything about disability is a turn-on, but so far none of it has ever been a turn-off. Please don’t assume that a dev will have sex with you just because you are disabled.

My relationships have not been very long, but I have a couple of dev friends who are married and I can tell you that they can definitely handle the reality of their spouses’ disabilities. I’m speaking to you, men on dating profiles who send me sexually suggestive messages even though you are fat, bald, and thirty years older than me.

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