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In case of solar sailing, when the sail surface is populated by blisters, the effective momentum transfer from the solar photons is reduced by a drop of sail surface reflectivity.

As a consequence, the propulsion abilities of the sail are reduced by the growing population of the blisters.

For space applications the blistering process causes e.g., a change of thermo-optical properties of metallic surfaces which can affect thermal properties of satellite interiors.Continued irradiation progresses blistering, which is undesired for many technical applications.In this work, the effect of the proton flux magnitude onto the degradation of native metal oxide layers and its consequences for blister formation has been examined. Highway 81 and Marshall Road, 1.5 miles south of Bison, turn east on Marshall road for 1 mile; cemetery opens on the north side of the road.The information contained in this site may not be copied to any other site without written "snail-mail" permission.

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Certainly, the materials will change their physical properties in dependence on the applied proton energy and flux.

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