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Instead, incorporate conversations about their relationships into other conversations about how things are going for them. Be educated about what affirmative consent is and the consent laws in New Hampshire.For example, the age of consent in New Hampshire is 16, meaning that if a teen is under 16 they are not legally allowed to consent to sex.

Question: What are some tips for parents to help them get the conversation about sex and dating started with their teens?We are happy and proud that New Hampshire became the 6th state in the United States to support and legalize gay and lesbian weddings.The first same-sex marriage took place in our state just minutes after midnight on New Years Eve 2010 and what a celebration that was!For the past 12 years, Emily Murphy has been a violence prevention educator for HAVEN (formerly known as Sexual Assault Support Services/SASS).During this time, Emily has been delivering Personal Body Safety, Media Literacy and Healthy Relationship programming to thousands of students in the NH seacoast.

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