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The town is known for old temples and traditional schools that specialize in study of the Hindu scriptures or the Vedas.

The town is situated on the banks of the Godavari river.

There is a small quadrangular gabhara wherein small idols of Vitthal and Rakhumai of black stone, facing east are placed.

One can enter the gabhara (Inner sanctum)through a small door.

Puntamba | पुणतांबा is a market town situated on the banks of the Godavari River in Rahata Taluka, Ahmednagar District in the state of Maharashtra in India.

The village contains the 14th and the final resting place of the sage Changdev.

The temple holds its annual fair in Kartik (October–November). Ramchandra, the Hindi film music director who composed many all time favourites of the 1940s & 1950s was born in Puntamba in the year 1918.

It is located twelve miles south-east of Kopargaon, the taluka (district sub-division) headquarters with a railway station on the Daund-Manmad railway and a railway spur connecting it with Saibaba pilgrimage town of Shirdi.

In modern times, large number of residents of the town are involved in Horticulture. The educational institutions include an agricultural school with 200 acres of land, five primary schools, two high schools and three libraries.

One has to ascend a flight of steps to see the foot-prints.

The temple including the samadhi is surrounded by a wall 100'X70' built in mud and stone at a distance of about 10' on all the sides of the temple.

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From a similar era there are also numerous traditional houses with large enclosed courtyards (or vada) Per the 2001 Census of India, the population of the village was 12425 with 6366 males and 6059 females.

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