Itemupdating not firing

Data Item Index 1 means it will give serial number to each row. The List View control has a built-in editing feature that automatically puts an item in edit mode if you add a button to the item template whose Command Name property is set to Edit. Add Edit Item Template to List View control as shown below: Similar to Edit button Add Command Name for Update button and Cancel button.

As well as add List View events onitemupdating="lv Employee_Item Updating" and onitemcanceling="lv Employee_Item Canceling" respectively.

If we were simply attaching an event to an existing list, then the add-in would only require Manage permission for the list.

However, this sample also adds a list to the host web and activates a feature in the host web, both of which require Manage permissions for the Web.

To switch from edit mode to display mode, set this property to -1.

Visual Studio will then add a new WCF service to your web application project named App Event

Our code runs the centrally located code to see if a list named “Remote Event Receiver Jobs” exists in the host web and, if it does not, it creates it.

Click the “Back to Site” link in the top left to go back to the Share Point site.

Notice that the add-in now shows in the Recent navigation heading, as does the newly added list “Remote Event Receiver Jobs”.

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