Hidden camera on sex scene in hotel

The trio from Pensacola were on the second night of their voyage when the father had an allergy attack.The mother and her 10-year-old son then began to look for dusty areas in the room when they came across the camera tucked in between cables behind their stateroom television.

She told the reporter she just needed to make sure her boss did not see.

They then used the same brush to scrub the inside of the toilet before putting it back on its plastic stand and used bath towels to dry them.

Another worker is then heard telling the reporter, who was undercover posing as a trainee cleaner at the hotel, to not worry about sterilising the cups.

This cupboard also contained pipes and other electrical wires.'It looked a little suspicious to me, like a camera, but I tried to convince myself that I was crazy and that it wasn't the case so I continued to have a shower and got it over as quickly as possible because I wanted to investigate what was in the vent. They can’t get away with this, please share and be careful!!!

After the incident, Miss Hachey went on Trip Advisor to warn other potential guests. ’ Miss Hachey said that after the incident she rang her mother.

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The lens was poking out and pointing at the bed enabling it to have an unobscured view of the room, including where they slept.

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