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MONITORTM ANTENNA TUNER With power handling capability of 300 Watts through balanced, coax, and ran do nv wire- fed antennas.Den Iron's newest tuner also includes a relative- power output meter and mo bite mounting bracket. Monitor TM measures a mere 5T& inches wide by 2% inches high by 6 inches deep and is ideal for portable, mobile, or fixed operation. Designed to handle virtually any transceiver or receiver-transmitter combination, the Jr. Den Tron Radio Company, 2100 Enterprise Parkway, Twinsburg OH 44087, (216)-425 3t73.It's handsomely styled to match the TS-820S end TS-520S Series (and TS-820 and TS- 520), but can also be used with any HF transceiver or transmitter with less than 200 watts output.Frequency Coverage Amateur bands 1.8 to 30 MHz • Input Impedance: 10 to 500 Ohms* Maximum Power Capability 200 watts • Insertion Loss: 5db ■ Power Meter: 20 watt/ 200 watt full scale • SWR Meier mea- sures up to 10 1 ■ Dimensions 6*1 /2"Wx 7*3/8" D x 6- 9/16" H •Weight: 6.2 lbs The MC-50 dynamic microphone has been designed expressly for amateur radio operation as a sp land id addition to any Kenwood shack Complete wrth PTT md LOCK twitches, and a microphone plug for instant hook-up to any Kenwood rig.The 30 Watt MRF314 and MRF314A, in stnpline opposed emitter packaging, are priced at .00 in 100-piece lots.The simi- larly-packaged MRF315 and MRF315A, rated at 45 Watts, are 100-piece-priced at $ 16,50.The last item, called the "RFI kit," consists of a one-piece special steel cover for the SOL-20 and interface electrical filters for incoming and out- going RFI suppression.

In the Baudot mode, the keyboard buffer is 256 keys long. It can also be adapted to any S-10Q bus 8080 hobby computer by simply adding I/O patches to the user's video driver and console keyboard. The System 4000 consists of three parts: The heart of the system is an Si 00 bus plug-in card carrying the operating program in seven 8K EPROMs, 1 K of RAM, the Baudot serial interface, parallel interface for station controls, and an audio processor for CW recep- tion, This card* called the HAM S-100, is a stand-alone system, except for the station interface circuitry.34 why not Transformers for Purists 70 — have fun designing and building your own transformers How to Get Better Satellite Pictures 82 — improving weather satellite recording systems The 0 Egg Timer 92 — how to use your computer for practical around-the-house things It's Super Clock 102 —software to enclockify your computer The Op Amp Encyclopedia 142 — part I of a lonnnng series How to Build a Bionic Elephant! T i ICOM, VHF MOBILE'S PEERLESS LEADER GOES ONE STEP BEYOND The matchless IC-22S, the measure of quality and performance for all VHF mobile transceivers, now materializes with its splendid new frequency syn- thesizer as a flexible phenomenon, Faster than a digit switch, able to leap great frequencies in a single bound, the IC-22S Mobile Marvel is empow- ered with instant programming for 256 possible frequencies, making available any frequency on anybody's band-plan in a matter of minutes, while disguised as a mild mannered 22 channel radio.— and have it smell like a rose "I Must Have One of Those Somewhere" — confessions of a junk box junkie Laying Our Your Shack Scientifically — human engineering comes (at amateur radio 146 158 174 last) to PLUS 36 More Exciting Feature Articles (see page 5) Com, ^ Contents — 5, Never Say Die— 6, Letters— 8, Correc* tions- Ham Help— 10, RTTY Loop— 11, AMSAT— 11, Ham- burglar 1, New Products— 12, Ham Help— 13, Contests— 14, FCC— 1, FCC Math— 18, Ham Help— 19, Looking West— 20, Social Ev ts— 147, Oscar Orbits— 147, Propagation— 226 *- * * * ■ ■ HIGH OUPA 0? VHRUHF AMATEUR AND MARINE COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT y * It "hears through solid walls" with a magnificient high sensitivity receiver, employing a 1st IF monolithic crystal filter and two 2nd IF filters for im- proved rejection of 15 KHz adjacent channel signals.For your copy of the new 4 x 5 ft- inch catalog, send a self-ad- dressed stamped envelope to Ham- ironies, lnc t 182 Belmont Rd r Rochester NY 14672 HAM COMPUTER PROCESSES MORSE AND BAUDOT A complete computerized Morse and Baudot operating system for the amateur radio operator was released recently by Curtis Electro Devices, Inc.Called the System 4000, the instrument will receive, decode, and print via CRT Morse code (10-100 wpm) or five-level Baudot TTY code (60100 wpmh It also serves as a keyboard or paddle keyer, with CRT display of the transmitted text.

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Gold chip metallization, gold wire- bonds, and gold plated package inter- faces produce rugged ness suitable for new, wideband, muttimode VHF systems.

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