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If this sounds familiar or cliche, just remember GR did this first in 1967 (and before you and I were born probably).So this is a modern retelling, dispensing with the Cold War setting of the original, but it has the backing of its original creator Mitsuteru Yokoyama (who sadly died in a fire a few years back).

Features accurate inner detail for the bazooka as well.Doesn't look bad but i would have prefer if the series was base on the Giant Robo OAV.With the Defender of Justice vs Big Fire and the over the top heros, villans and giant robots.Most download managers *should* be able to handle it. You'll still need to register to get the DRM to work though, can't help you there Thanks for your help Sonhex! Not even an upgrade to WMP 11 would satisfy that site. I had to get another security update past WMP 11 to access that video.

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