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The entire flow of a transaction—from the customer loading up their cart, to the merchant presenting the final receipt, to the customer signing their name on a touch screen—is intuitive in each app.All of them let you create items with set prices customers can browse to speed up checkouts.

Meanwhile, some apps add a fixed fee per transaction between 15 and 25 cents, but Square does not.Each service also has a slightly different pricing model. Each app also takes a cut of around 2.7 percent for transactions with swiped cards and 3.5 percent for transactions with less secure keyed-in cards.However, Go Payment offers a subscription plan that lowers those fees and provides increased compatibility with the entire suite of Quick Books software, great for businesses already in the Quick Books ecosystem.This is a new security standard being rolled out that will make transactions less risky for consumers.Square and the Pay Pal Chip Card Reader both have two slots: one for accepting old magnetic strip cards and another for the new EMV cards.

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You can also buy their readers in stores and sign up for the services later.

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