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Once you have six locations, you should be making about 0 per month which should pay for an additional machine each month if you have found a cheaper source than Sam’s Club.

You might even hit a couple of high-volume locations right off the bat that really get you rolling.

One month after you place the first machine, you could take the it made and add another 5 of your own to buy your second machine.

In the third month, you take the those machines made plus 0 of your own for the third machine, and so on for about six months and six locations.

This means that each machine should be able to pay for itself in about six months or less.

Think about this: If you paid 0 for a machine that earned you 0 over the course of one year, the ROI for that machine would be 200%!

Even better, that income would keep coming in as long as you had your locations.I wanted to find an income-producing asset in the hundreds of dollars instead of the thousands so that I could continue my debt repayment plan and start producing income at the same time.At the time, I worked as bartenders at a restaurant. ” Over the rest of the shift, I took notice of how many dollar bills we changed out for quarters.Really, I only spend a couple of days a month on my candy business, and I can take a six week vacation if I want without a sweat.The comment I always seem to get from well-meaning acquaintances is, While they also make a lot of money, this sort of vending is more of a job.

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The profit margins on other types of candy hover around 70%.

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