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Abraham (variously dated between 2300 – ca 2000s/”1900s” bc) was seemingly in the latter part of the 1st dynasty: the famine/drought and following plague(s)/disaster(s) of Abraham (Genesis 12) matches famine/drought & following (numerous) plague(s)/disaster(s) (& miracles) of Uenephes/Ata/Semenptah (Bey pages 28-9) &/or Semti (Bristowe) &/or Semerhet (Clayton page 25).* (Josephus also says Abraham brought culture to Egyptians, confounding him with 1st dynasty culture-bringers? Depending on age of Phoenix/crow (variously/range 250 [“opinion”] / 400 years [Horapollo] / 500 years [Tacitus, Herodotus] / 660 yrs [Pliny] to 1460 yrs [Tacitus/Poole] to 1500 yrs [Lepsius] to 7000 yrs [“opinion”]) this gives date of either 1000 / 1600 yrs bc / 2000 yrs bc / 2640 / 5840 / 6000 / 28000 yrs bc. The great pyramid is considered to date between 10xxx bc and 2xxx bc. Tacitus said that there had been only 4 Phoenixes in Egyptian bc history. dionysos ~ osiris ~ sah ~ orion ~ jabir ~ gibbor ~ nimrod ~ asshur? There are a number of evidences that Menes can’t have been before 2300 bc (close to the lowest date for Menes of 2224 bc) : Josephus said Menes was 1300 or 1399 years before Solomon (c 1000s/900s bc or between 18th-19th-22nd dynasties, close to Shishak/Ramses 2) giving a date of 2300 or 2399 bc.* Herodotus also said that Menes was (1)1340 years before Seti (close to Ramses 2/Shishak). The Sothaic/Siriadic calendar was supposedly introduced between 42/2773 bc. Orthodox source/s say/s “dates of the Old Kingdom may still be upto 3 centuries out”, and “the tendency is to revise dates down”. Joseph of bible (c 1800s bc) seems to match the 3rd-4th dynasty. Min ~ Menes, Menkaure (6x yrs), Merneptah, Menelik, Alexander the Great associated with Min. Evidences for this include: models of granaries in Old Kingdom tombs. famine scenes of Unas (near/beside Zoser’s & Sekhemhet’s complexes). the predynastic divine “dynasties”: it is our contention that the (3) divine dynasties of gods, demigods, and manes/dead seemingly may be parallel with the dynastic 3 kingdoms. “700/949/955 years” from 1st dynasty to 8th (Memphite). between “802 (“575” 20th to 26th, , between “197” to “227” years remaining 5 dynasties 27-31) to “1050” years duration for 20th to 31st dynasties. ] This date is similar/close to the supposed Sothaic date of 1873 bc for Sesostris/Senusret 3 (12th dyn) which if the king/dynasty not date is wrong may better match 3rd dynasty? [However Atlantis has matches between the 12th to 19th dynasties and we are not totally certain of the true picture.] Thera/Crete also doesn’t match Atlantis details: wrong date; wrong size; wrong direction; wrong sinking catastrophe; no remains of city found; “Thera/Crete is barren”; “Crete/Thera was a colony”; etc. ]; Herodotus 1600 years [Egyptian Pan]/Greek Dionysos; 660 yrs phoenix (Pliny)? 364 year/s War: There are a few versions of the 363/364/365 years story, and a few different possible times/events it could relate to: – The events in the legend of “Horus (of Edfu/Behdeti) versus the adversaries of Re(- Harakhty)” [compared by some with Exodus] are said to have taken place in the year 363 in the reign of Re-Harakhty; – “Osiris came from Nubia in the 365th year of his reign accompanied by Horus, to chase Set [Aseth? ] 1491/1440 moses/exode [1400s moeris moses/exodus atlantis (900 bef Amasis 2);] “1435 bc sobekhotep 8? [562y alex] 500/511 hyksos “500 years to Moses/Azrail”?

(Min/Mena/Menes/Memian (Chem) could possibly connect with Nim-rod (Ninus)? An earlier source said that according to “latest research” Menes would seem to date “not earlier than 2900 bc”. Flood As with many other nations there are a number of evidences from Egyptian history and/or mythology which seem to confirm that the biblical flood is real and that dynastic Egyptian dates from after the Flood. I don’t know for sure but doubt that the Sphinx rain marks could be from the Flood, or they could be from post/inter/glacial unstable weather after Flood? King lists apparently have 261/256 years for the 1st/2nd dynasties? ) The “Terror” of Necherophes (1st king of 3rd dyn, Bey pg 30/Manetho? It was once thought by some that Egyptian has no Flood account, but it is found that Egypt does have a number/lot of allusions to the Flood including/eg: the flood story of Atum (Atmu caused waters of great deep to overflow & drown everyone), flood of Ra/Sekhmet/Hathor (Hathor & Sekhmet wade in human blood, Ra floods world with beer), Thoth sends flood (Hancock), Atlantis account, Nun the primeval waters/watery chaos god, Osiris (drowned / saved from water, &/or associated with water), Surid flood (Surid builds pyramid before flood), Siriadic columns (Hermes sets up 2 columns in Siriadic land one of brick & one of stone to survive fire or flood), ‘inundation’ 1st of 3 seasons of year, benu/bennu/phoenix connected with flood (“recollection of flood in hieroglyph of Bennu bird”), etc. Ararat is mentioned as early as 6th dynasty as Araret. ] * note Noah’s Ark may have been like a big read boat (Fasold) like the vessel of Peter’s vision in Acts and like the small Titicaca reed boats? Siriadic columns (“1st Hermes/Thoth/Seth set up 2 columns in Siriadic land before flood, one of brick & one of stone to survive fire or flood”)? ) may perhaps be the “terror” of Jacob [compare the “horror” of Abraham] (Genesis)? A source says that Apollonius Rhodius said that Sesonchosis or Sesor-tosis was 2500 years before Nilus who was 436 yrs before 1st Olympiad (776) giving date of 1212 for Nilus and 3712 bc for Sesortosis. (The 800 years for Sais which may be Saites/Salilis of Hyksos may also confirm 900 years Moeris.) The Hyperboreans lived a 1000 years which is really 100/110/120 years. The other is that Sesostris (12th dyn) was 2500/10 or 250 years before 1212 bc, giving date of circa 1462 bc? Herodotus list: 1/pan/8 2/hercules/12 3/dionysos/3rd horus 1/min/menes moeris/900 anysis/700 amyrtaeus. bc/bp cromagnon”] [4phoenixes/crows ~ 28000 yrs bc.] “11652/11542 bc four calendars coincide” [“11340yrs/bc menes”] [4phoenixes/crows ~ 5840 / 6000.] “5869bc menes(petrie/champollion)” [lxx] sirius5478bc* “4900s/4700s bc 3rd/4th dyn” (Petrie) 4241bc sothaic 4004 “3761/3760/3750 naramsin/nippur” jewishcreation; “3712/3700s” sesortosis (ap rhod) zoser (Bey/Rhodius) 3400bc menes 3100 menes, mayan 3000 menes “2900s bc 3rd/4th dyn (Breasted/previously) 2900 menes notearlierthan 2850bc menes 2871/2787/2782/2773bc sothaic coinc; [“27th century bc OK”] “c2600s/(-2500(s)) bc 3rd/4th dyn” (orthodox); [4phoenixes/crows ~ 2640.] 2399/2300 menes (josephus) 2300 abe (moslem/Fasold), menes 2225/2224 transit venus, menes 2224 menes (palmer)*, transit Venus; “2254-2194/2192 bc” menes (hoeh); [late2000s onlycommondateforbeginning Egypt] 2000/s abraham, 4phoenixes/crows “2200 /-200” peru drought; “1900s usher’s/orthodox abraham” “1873/1872/1830bc sothaic senusert3 illahun;” 1876 jose [1837 sesortosis? Scholars seem to accept that the date of Sesortosis of “3712” bc is not correct. Some sources do reckon the 9000 years is months by they wrongly divide it by 13 months (Egyptian) and wrongly place it in 19th dynasty ca 1200s. One other unlikely possibility is that Shishak/Sesostris (19th dyn) was 2500/10 or 250 years below 1212 bc, giving a date of c 962 bc? ] c1800bc ogyges 1797-1779 sirius [“1705”] joseph (ussher/oxford) 1690/1662/1652 moses/exode “1650 bc sobekhotep 8”? ] (432000yrs/6000zoddegs*) 180,000yrs ottomuck 73300yrs grt pyr 36,525yrs 2923/17000 hercul/twelve 15000 dionysos 13420yrs before Menes(manetho/turin) 11985y (6dynsgods)? tensofthousandsofyears tadpole Pectoral 10,000yrs latercorporally, [herodotus added to1340], 9000 ptah, Atlant/athens 8000 atlantis/athens/sais 7000 tartessos [amen], phoenix 7000 yrs [“opinion”]; [5000yrs mortals, bc Menes] “3723” – “4551” years duration for 1st-18th/19th dynasties. 2300 tyre “2243 years” 12th-19thdyns “19xx” for 12th-19th “1881” for 12th-19th dynasties, “1842” duration for 1st-11th dynasties.

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Eden Egypt like many other nations seems to have evidences confirming the 4 rivers of Eden of Genesis. “1663 years Egyptian state lasted before Cambyses [525 bc]”?

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