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These classic playthings made from glazed white porcelain were initially popularized in Europe during the 1700s.Porcelain was invented in ancient China, made from a hard, white clay known for its fineness and strength.Many antique are marked with a mold number, and the mold number dating antique china dolls be enough to identify the maker of the doll. Egli-Figuren are a type of doll that originated in Switzerland in for telling Bible stories.

Simple projects can be created in less than an hour by novice beaders, while complex beadwork may take weeks of meticulous work with specialized tools and equipment.

was a small production run that was only made for a couple of years. Pediophobia is dating antique china dolls fear of dolls or similar objects. Lifelike or anatomically correct dolls are used by health professionals, medical schools and social workers to train doctors and nurses in various health procedures or investigate cases of sexual abuse of children.

They were mass-produced in Germanypeaking in popularity between and and selling in the millions.

Retrieved 28 September If you know the maker of a doll, you may be able to find it on Doll Linkswhich lists china head and other doll manufacturers from the 19th century on.

Golliwogg was a children's book rag doll character in the late 19th century that was widely reproduced as a toy.

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