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What is the “marriage phase” of a romantic relationship?

The marriage phase is the one we all understand: sign a piece of paper and move in together.

Attraction, idealized positive transference which I call the honeymoon, reality, commitment, and then hopefully eventually marriage. The attraction phase is the easiest one and we all go through it.

You see somebody across a room, you see them at a bar, you see them out with friends and you find yourself strongly and physically attracted to them.

If you needed understanding, or if you needed patience, whatever it is you needed, that’s what you’re seeing in the other person during the honeymoon period of a relationship. You don’t like how they go out with their friends all the time.

It’s the first thing that punctures that wall of idealization that you’ve been building beforehand.

And, what components of your personality might be really working for them and which components are very troubling.

You know, you’ve moved away from this picture of the perfect person that you had during the second phase of idealization.

In the honeymoon phase of a relationship, when you’re coming up with this idealization of the perfect person, you’re drawing a lot on your past.

You’re thinking about things that were implanted in you when you were very young, and those are the traits that you’re looking for in a partner. If you needed a lot compassion that you didn’t get, you’re looking for a compassionate partner. : The Life Cycle Of A Relationship What is the “reality phase” of a romantic relationship? Early reality happens the very first time you say, “There’s something about this person I’m not sure about.” You don’t like the way they laugh.

During the attraction phase, your unconscious is actually playing a part.

You may be thinking that you’re just meeting somebody and you’re just learning a little bit about them by talking to them, but your unconscious is picking up a lot, too.

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That’s when you start to hear the “I need some space”, that’s when that first comes into a relationship.

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