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One can only hope that cyberfeminism is still open to transformations.4 CM proposed feminist associations based on affinities, not identity.But in contrast to Haraway’s feminist, socialist and antiracist politics, cyberfeminism eschewed definitions, political affiliations (including feminism) and even goals.The political effectiveness of so undirected a movement is still to be determined.The hope of this integration is for a transorganic or transhuman future, something like an entirely new evolutionary stage of life which will surpass the organic limitations of brain and body in favour of new, unlimited potentialities.A new sort of future that un dermines the divisions and boundaries between the human and its others; a cross-disciplinary movement that, as Donna Haraway asserts in her foundational text, ‘The Cyborg Manifesto’, has characterised liberal societies in postmodernity.Given this radical theoretical openness, what did the Cyborg Manifesto (CM) really manage to achieve?

2 CM urged feminists to embrace new technologies as tools for feminist ends.Haraway’s cyborg, “not of woman born”, the illegitimate offspring of militarism and patriarchal capitalism, was modeled upon the ‘meztisaje’ (racial mixing) of Mexican Americans.Acknowledging that she wrote the piece at a particular historical moment and primarily for women, Haraway’s cyborg was an inconstant figure able to incorporate spiral dancers, electronic factory workers, poets, and engineers; a figure that allied diverse oppositional strategies, from writing to biotechnology.Synopsis: Cyborg 009 is a story about nine experimental cyborgs (eight male and one female), which have been collected by the evil terrorist group, Black Ghost.Those nine cyborgs with the aid of a scientist turn against Black Ghost's control.

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Previously ‘monstrous’ prostheses became beautiful. If the original radicality of Haraway’s cyborg lay in its illegitimacy, the ubiquity of digital, ex-military, and genetic technologies suggest that the cyborg is now a recognised legal citizen, much more a creature of social reality than of fiction.

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