Consolidating organizations

The original motion, opposition(s), and other related documents shall be filed and the motion decided in the earliest filed case.

The Clerk shall then open a new case file in that county for each transferred consolidated case, shall assign a new docket number, and shall make all appropriate entries on the docket, including the entry reflecting the ultimate disposition of the case. Things to Look for When Formulating a Technology Strategy As previously mentioned, a key aspect in reviewing technology involves determining whether physician practices and hospitals will continue to use disparate systems or whether integration is possible and preferable.Here are a few questions to ask when making this decision to ensure the ultimate choice best fits with the entire organization's requirements.Unless the judge of the consolidating session otherwise orders, the earliest filed case in the session in which the cases are consolidated shall be designated the "lead case" and the other case(s) shall be designated the "consolidated case(s)." In documents filed in the lead or consolidated cases, the case caption shall identify the lead case first.Below the lead case caption shall be written the words, "CONSOLIDATED WITH," in capital letters and in bold print.

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