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We’re at a watershed moment where that impunity is being knocked back on its heels. And might that overreach include artistic censorship?

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On the back face there were five dials whose pointers indicated the passage of time according to a variety of time cycles ranging from four years (the cycle of the Olympic Games and other athletic festivals celebrated by the Greeks) to 76 years (the shortest calendar cycle simultaneously containing whole numbers of days, lunar months, and solar years).

On the front, one big dial with seven pointers radiating from its center showed where an observer on Earth would see the Sun, the Moon, and the five planets visible to the naked eye along to a 360° zodiac scale.

In the middle of one side was a knob that could be turned by hand.

But I think we do them a disservice if that protection comes at the cost of their innocence and agency. In any case, and possibly because the petition itself was rather ambiguous (its title included the phrase “Remove Balthus’ Suggestive Painting,” but the text contradicted that, and merely called for The Met to “more carefully vet” its collection), the museum declined to take action.In the spring of 1900, a group of Greek sponge divers en route to their usual diving grounds off North Africa chanced upon the site of a shipwreck dating from about 60 BCE off the small island of Antikythera, between Crete and the Greek mainland.For nearly a year, the divers labored with assistance from the Greek navy and archeological service to recover objects from the wreck, including bronze and marble statues, fine quality glassware, and other high-end items; in other words, a commercial cargo of luxury goods from cities of the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean, heading for markets in Italy or elsewhere in the western part of the Greco-Roman world.As one turned the input knob at a steady rate, all the pointers on the back dials would revolve at different but steady rates because they are all measuring time, but the pointers on the front would continually change in speed and some would intermittently reverse direction, just as the planets in the sky appear to do.The Greek and Latin literature on mechanical devices that has come down to us contains descriptions of only a few gearwork devices, chiefly odometers.

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