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Daphne Millbrook uses her ability to run really, really fast to shoplift.

She runs away with sunglasses and several pairs of shoes.

Yoji, enraged, tells her that he wouldn't be able to get her in the safe even if he wanted to.

He then calls for his men to capture Daphne but she quickly outsmarts them and then reaches Yoji, who tells her that only a Nakamura can enter the safe due to biometric locks.

In exchange for keeping her name from being mentioned, he offers Daphne a job in Japan and hands her a folder containing a picture of Kaito Nakamura.

Daphne races through a New York shipping yard and past a security guard unnoticed.

Yes, the silly imagery makes us giggle, but Lowery strikes such a somber tone that we can't help but take it seriously.

Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara reunite to play a couple whose happy life comes to an end when he is killed in a car crash.

Continue: Pitch Perfect 2 - Super Bowl TV Spot Van Hansis, Brea Grant, Kit Williamson, John Halbach, Constance Wu and Cast of the Eastsiders - 6th Annual Logo 'New Now Next Awards' at the Fonda Theatre - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 13th April 2013Brick, Mc Queen and Lincoln Oodie are three trigger-happy redneck brothers who work for a corrupt sheriff of their town, taking down criminals in unlawful ways.Now he wanders around their small house, watching his wife grieve, only able to communicate to another ghost who's haunting the house next door.After his wife packs up and moves on, this sheet-clad spirit sticks around, trying to communicate with a single mother (Sonia Acevedo), then a partying mob of ravers, including one guy (Will Oldham) who launches into a diatribe about the meaning of existence.Daphne then flees Yoji's office to regroup, racing through the building to the roof, then leaping to the next building.Two weeks later, Daphne over hears a newscast stating that Hiro Nakamura is maned the new CEO of Yamagato Industries.

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