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Unlike the popular lice products sold at local drug stores and super markets, these critters have not become resistant to the ingredients of Clearlice as they are natural based.Clearlice is made of a proprietary blend of natural botanicals, enzyme complexes, plant extracts, and homeopathic ingredients.Over 12 million children suffer from lice infestations each year.And because lice spread so easily, through close body contact or shared personal items such as clothing or hairbrushes, thousands of adults have to contend with this condition as well.The comb will insure that any louse or remaining nits are extracted from the scalp and hair.

We appreciated the comprehensive formula and were willing to pay a little more to make sure our cars, house and laundry were also made lice free.

Spraying and vacuuming down carpet, car seats, and anything you didn't wash is the last step in the process.

All steps must be completed in the same day to avoid re-infestation.

Solutions purchased from a local store can require repeated applications, and often involve picking through the lice-affected areas with a comb, looking for (and removing) each individual louse one by one.

Continue reading below reviews Licenex is a powerful, all-natural product that eliminates lice and their nits.

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