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Just because your husband does not have any symptoms does not mean he does not have herpes. The best thing is to get him to get a herpes specific Ig G blood test for HSV 1 and HSV 2 so he knows his status.

To help you more both you and your husband should ask for a copy of your numeric test results from the blood test and post them on the board so we can help you figure out who has what and where do the two of you go from here forward. I cannot comment on the warts but I would recommend that you post on the Gential Warts/HPV board to get answers for that.

I went to the doctor who told me it looked like herpes but did the cultures and blood tests and then after 3 days (which I spent hysterically crying) she called me back to say it was not herpes but a staph infection. I was so paranoid that I was used to periodically checking myself for bumps or sores.

After this I literally became a hypochondriac and would read up about every STD possible and went back to that doctor atleast 3 more times to get all sorts of blood work done. I was in the shower when I felt a small, hard bump.

I have to wait the 5 days now to find out what type.

In early 2002 I had a very painful rash and open sores on my bikini area.

What can I do to alleaviate the blisters until the Valtrex kicks in? I am trying to be strong for my baby as I do not want her to see me sad but I can't control myself. The dryer that you keep the area the faster it will heal.

I am in so much pain with the blisters and burning and itching. I feel certain that the guy I was dating gave it to me but ofcourse can not go accusing him or even tell him becuase like most people he will deny he has anything at all. When coming out of the shower use your hair dryer on a lower setting to dry the area so that way you do not have to rub it with a towel (Courtesy of Nicole RB) Apply cornstarch by sprinkling it on to the affected area as cornstarch helps to keep the area dry.

You don't think that you could be one of the people to catch the virus, as common as it may be.

How long should I wait after I've healed to have sex again?

What should I do if i have a one of the blisters(or sores) on my finger?

My husband is being supportive but I am depressed that our marriage will suffer from this. (Abe) To decrease the itching at night and to get a good nights sleep take Benadryl before bed time to get that good nights sleep.

(Courtesy of Alex 71194) Finally if going to the bathroom is painful run water over the area, urinate in a tub or shower. If you have a lesion in an area that is causing a lot of pain and if it is so positioned that by putting a finger or two on it then put some thing on your hand and cover the area by pressing down and covering the area which will make it less painful to go to the bathroom. Cheer up and be thankful that you husband supports you. Cheer up and God Bless your family Read the Heroes Handbook as per my signature line. I too was recently diagnosed, on Monday to be exact, with the herpes virus.

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In 2007, I reunited with my high school boyfriend and we got married.

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