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One particular application of a B range engine was a post-war German light tank. In finality the tank was not proceeded with, but the fuel system was employed in racing and found its way into certain production Triumph models.The manuals give adequate information for stripping and rebuilding the system, trouble shooting and setting up both throttle butterflies and the pressure relief valve.

As a manufacturer striving in a competitive industry, where pricing, quality and lead times are key factors, we offer our clients a guaranteed lead time with each order, maintaining our high quality, international standards whilst still proffering affordability with a large range of suited-to-your-pocket products.Earlier systems only had one balance pipe and seemed to work perfectly well.The earliest pattern of at least three designs fitted was designed by Jim Littlehales. This pattern has a nylon collar which is screw threaded onto the injector barrel. Thus, when the injector itself is fitted, its "O" ring seal is progressively compressed to form a seal.These rods were actuated by a master shaft below the inlets.These rods were adjustable for length with the result that tickover and pickup were both easy to set up.

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